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A dental crown can restore a tooth’s shape, size, or strength. At Century Park Dental Care in the Century City area of Los Angeles, California, dentists Jaami Baig, DDS, and Shaan Baig, DDS, place dental crowns atop implants or natural teeth that need restorations. You can also get a dental crown as part of a dental bridge, which replaces one or more missing teeth and anchors to adjacent teeth using crowns. To start reviewing your dental crown options, call or book an appointment online today.


What is a dental crown?

A dental crown is a device made to cover a damaged tooth or attach to a dental implant. The team at Century Park Dental Care custom designs crowns that are the exact shape of the original tooth in its entirety. This makes your smile look complete, and it feels comfortable when you bite down.

Before you get a crown, the team at Century Park Dental Care takes X-rays to check for unforeseen damage or disease. You might need additional treatments, like a root canal, before they place your crown. 

In order to place a crown over a tooth, your dentist first reduces the natural tooth’s size by safely filing down some of the outer layer, called enamel. If much of the tooth is already missing, they might restore some of the structure with a filling first.

To make a crown that fits, the team takes impressions using a digital scanner or a putty-like material. They use the impressions to mill a crown that fits correctly and doesn’t affect your bite. During your next visit, they make sure the new crown fits before permanently cementing it in place. 

What are some common purposes for crowns?

The team at Century Park Dental Care creates crowns for various purposes. Your dentist explains why a crown is the best choice for your treatment and how it will restore your smile’s form or function. 

You can get a crown to:

  • Support a dental bridge
  • Cover a dental implant
  • Protect a weak or damaged tooth
  • Cover a filling
  • Restore a misshapen tooth

Once attached, your crown stays in place permanently or until it breaks or wears down. To help your crown serve its purpose, you should continue to maintain your oral health with teeth brushing, flossing, regular dental exams, and professional cleanings. 

You should also try your best to avoid biting down on solid objects or using your teeth to rip or tear. 

What are my options for dental crown materials?

Century Park Dental Care helps you compare options for your crown material. Options include:


Metals, like gold or metal alloys, are the most effective at withstanding pressure when you bite. However, they don’t look natural, and many people prefer crowns that match the shade of their natural teeth. 

Porcelain fused to metal

Crowns with porcelain fused to metal include metal for strength and porcelain for appearance. The porcelain can be made to match the shade of adjacent teeth, but you might be able to see some of the metal along your gum line.

All porcelain or ceramic

All porcelain or ceramic crowns are the most natural-looking crowns available. They match the tone and opacity of your natural teeth. You might eventually need a replacement as porcelain or ceramic can wear down over time or break if you’re not careful. 

To start the process of getting a crown, call Century Park Dental Care or book a consultation online today.