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Keeping up with regular dental exams is an easy way to save time and money at the dentist’s office later. At Century Park Dental Care in the Century City area of Los Angeles, California, skilled dentists Jaami Baig, DDS, and Shaan Baig, DDS, perform regular dental exams for all of their patients in order to detect early signs of oral complications. Schedule your next comprehensive dental exam by phone or online today.

Dental Exams

What are dental exams?

A dental exam is an in-depth investigation of your oral health that your dentist performs regularly. Sometimes dental complications appear without symptoms as they develop. A dental exam can find signs of disease or decay that you wouldn’t otherwise know about.

During your dental exam at Century Park Dental Care, the team looks over your dental history and asks about other aspects of your health. You should let them know if you have any new medications since your last appointment or if the dosages have changed at all. 

After reviewing your history and current health, your dentist visually examines your teeth and gums for signs of issues. They check each individual tooth and may perform oral X-rays for a more in-depth view. 

They might also recommend regular oral cancer screenings if your risk is high due to smoking, drinking, or a prior history of the disease. 

Comprehensive dental exams typically happen at the same time as a professional cleaning, which is an equally important part of preventive dentistry. 

What can dental exams detect?

Dental exams can detect early signs of disease or oral health complications, even if you haven’t noticed any changes or symptoms on your own. 

Your dentist looks for lesions, tooth discoloration, redness, and other features that could indicate an issue with your oral health. If you’re getting dental X-rays, they can see cavities and other issues like infection directly. 

If you get a diagnosis during a dental exam, your dentist explains it to you in detail and offers suggestions for the next steps to take. They might recommend further testing if the results of your exam aren’t conclusive. Possible diagnoses are:

  • Gum disease
  • Gum recession
  • Cavities
  • Tooth infections
  • Malocclusion

Dental exams can also be a key part of diagnosing certain diseases that affect your whole body, like diabetes or leukemia. 

Whether or not you get a diagnosis during your dental exam, the team at Century Park Dental Care gives you tips for taking great care of your teeth outside the dentist’s office. 

How often should I get dental exams?

The American Dental Association recommends scheduling your dental exams and cleanings twice a year. To space them out evenly, you should book them six months apart. 

Getting dental exams consistently gives you the best chance at catching oral diseases in the early stages when you can treat them most effectively. 

To set up an appointment for your next comprehensive dental exam, call Century Park Dental Care or schedule online today.